RED BULL Pac man

We asked ourselves how Red Bull could enhance brand engagement through an interactive experience. To address this, we developed a concept inspired by an iconic game. By merging Red Bull’s energetic image with a nostalgic 3D gaming experience, we created a unique environment where players can have fun whilst providing educative effect on the brand’s products.


Red Bull


Brand content  / Gaming Experience


We have designed an innovative environment for Red Bull to promote interaction and offer a unique experience, inspired by the iconic game « Pac-Man. » Since the 1980s, this game has captivated audiences and remains timeless.

By capitalizing on the « Old School » trend favored by many, we have merged Red Bull’s DNA with our expertise in gaming and 3D creation to reinvent the game’s universe. In this version, the bonuses to collect are cans that, for a short time, give the character wings, allowing them to neutralize the pursuing ghosts. This reinterpretation promises to delight retro-gaming fans while attracting new enthusiasts. The combination of nostalgia and innovation ensures a fun and captivating adventure for everyone.